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Audio Sermons



The Last Words of Three Men - Pastor Janke 
Israel's Future - Assistant Pastor Derek Makri                                           
The Lord's Obedience - Pastor Janke
The Church - Pastor Janke
Crown & Joy - Pastor Janke
The Best Friendship - Assistant Pastor Derek Makri
The Great Shepherd - Outreach Minister Jonathan Bautista
Being Partakers of God - Pastor Janke
What Makes a Church Cold - Pastor Janke
Being Approved of God - Visiting Speaker - Dr. Charles Horton
Lessons From Little Things - Pastor Janke
Life's Ups and Downs - Pastor Janke
Six Miserable Men - Pastor Janke
Joseph and His Brothers - Pastor Janke
A Mother's Faith - Pastor Janke
God's Vineyard - Assistant Pastor Derek Makri

Where is He - Pastor Janke - June 25, 2006 am
What Jesus Left to The Church - Pastor Janke
Seven Small Strength Supplying Scriptures - Assistant Pastor Derek Makri
The Call of God upon Moses and God's Care for Israel - Pastor Janke
Psalm 90 - Pastor Janke
A Cry for Mastery - Visiting Missionary Andy Magnarella
The Burning Bush and the Church - Pastor Stephen Janke
Why God Blessed Abraham- Pastor Stephen Janke
What kind of Love is God's Love - Pastor Stephen Janke
How to Abide in Christ - Visiting Evangelist Herb Brail
Three Different Philosophies - Pastor Stephen Janke
Homecoming of a Prophet - Pastor Stephen Janke
Tragedy of Poor Eyesight - Pastor Stephen Janke
Having Compassion - Visiting Missionary (to prisons) Robert Leach
Waiting on the Lord  - Pastor Stephen Janke
Thanksgiving - Visiting Speaker - Dr. Charles Horton
The Will of God - Visiting Speaker - Dr. Charles Horton  (sound quality not very good)

The Scarlet Ribbon - Pastor Stephen Janke
Seven Reasons not to Worry - Pastor Stephen Janke
God of Hebrews - Pastor Stephen Janke
Things that Jesus left the Church - Pastor Stephen Janke
The Supernatural Book - Evangelist Dave Mizel
Great Commission - Authority - Visiting Missionary Jim Maden
What to do in a Storm - Pastor Stephen Janke
Verily's of the Bible - Pastor Stephen Janke
Use to Be and Have Been - Pastor Stephen Janke
Mark's of a Revival - Pastor Stephen Janke
He Made Him Look Up - Pastor Stephen Janke
God's Keeping Power - Pastor Stephen Janke
Difference a Day Makes - Pastor Stephen Janke
Christianity Automobile - Pastor Stephen Janke

Legacy of Stephen - Outreach Minister Jonathan Bautista
Missions - Dr. Charles Horton
A Step unto Death - Pastor Stephen Janke
Israel and God - Pastor Stephen Janke
Some Things to Remember - Pastor Stephen Janke
The Need of Spiritual Sight - Pastor Stephen Janke
What a Mighty God - Guest Evangelist Dan Souza
The Grace of God - Guest Evangelist Dan Souza
Scriptural Giving - Pastor Stephen Janke
Devices of Satan - Guest Evangelist Brother D'Angelo
Monuments of Grace - Pastor Stephen Janke
Philippians Chapter 1- Pastor Stephen Janke

Heaven on Earth Series by Dr. Paul Fedena

Heaven on Earth, part 2

Missionary Ray Hoover


Other Sermons By Pastor Janke


 Philip-layman, deacon, evangelist

 More Than Just Crumbs

Judas Iscariot


Who then can be saved?

Telegrams from God

The Name of Jesus

Being Strong in the Lord

A King's Last Night on Earth

Being Thankful Inspite of Circumstances

I Kings Chapter One

Jesus is Still a Problem to People
 Letting Jesus Be First

Make Your Reservations (outdoor meeting)

Personal Work, part 1


Suppertime With Jesus

Suppertime With Jesus, part 2

Symbols in the Bible

The Character of Jesus

Character part 2

Good Samaritan

Life and Times of Enoch

The Ministry of Being Let Down

The Scars of Jesus

Veterans Day 2012

What Christians Believe

 Christians, part 2

Children Sing Christmas Songs

Children Sing, When God Says I Will

Symbols of the Church

 It Was Dark in the Ark

Pastor's Fellowship