Many people hold certain causes close to their heart, whether it is animal abuse, economic issues like homelessness, or even drug use and abuse in the country. Thanks to social media, getting the word out about your cause is easier than ever before. Many people want to get in and help these causes but are unable to make financial contributions. Luckily, there are many other ways to help and all you need is a couple of social media accounts to do great things.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social sites used today, so it is probably ideal to start your work in either or both of these places. You can get Instagram followers by making one simple purchase, posting great photographs, and engaging with your audience. Making new friends on Facebook is easy to do when you are active in groups, mingle with friends of your friends, and interact. Once you have a large group of followers, it is time to share your passions with those that you’ve connected with and hopefully gain more support for that organization in the process.

Hold a Fundraiser

If you’re unable to personally offer financial support, why not hold a social media fundraiser to bring in some cash? Many people will gladly donate to a worthy cause if the information is in front of them. Don’t be shy and share all that you can, and consider hosting or holding your own fundraiser for the organization.

Share Photographs

Once you get Instagram followers, start sharing photographs that support or highlight details about the cause that you want to support. You can do this on Facebook, too, of course, but IG is the more ideal location of the two to share photographs. Consider buying followers too. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to get Instagram followers and draw more attention to the cause.


Bringing awareness to the community is oftentimes a struggle for many organizations, no matter the cause that it supports. By sharing informative articles and blogs, you can help others better understand the cause and the issues that surround it. Make sure that you share only accurate, factual links on your pages.

List/Participate in Events

Many organizations hold special events to help raise money. You can participate in these events, which includes things like walks and runs, dinners, and even silent auctions. Help promote special events on your pages as well as they take place to help draw more attention its way. Who knows who else may have an interest in the activity and want to help out?

Your Support Matters

Many easy ways to help an organization that you believe in existing, even when you’re unable to make a financial donation to them.  All that you need is a couple of online accounts to make great things happen. The techniques above outline just a few of the best ways to support your cause with the help of social media and all of the awesome fans, friends, and followers that you’ve accumulated. Now it is time to work for your cause.