Many people using Instagram are there simply to have fun. And there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome social networking site that certainly keeps things interesting day in and day out, especially if you are a teen or 20s something. I created my account with a different purpose in mind, however, and I must say that things have been great thus far. Rather than using IG to meet and mingle, I decided to use it as a platform to help my freelance business.

Shoppable Posts

One of the unique features that Instagram offers is shoppable posts. Create a few of these posts to advertise the products that you’re selling and to create a link to the offer. This is one of the first things that I did once I built my following. Speaking of which, here is something that you should remember: You need lots of followers when using IG. You can get instant followers by posting great photos and information, engaging with the audience, and having fun with your posts and shares. Be sure to comment on posts and status updates, too. You can also get instant followers by purchasing them from a reputable company. The costs are low but the benefits high, so consider this purchase without delay.


It is only right that you post photographs on the photo-sharing networking site. When you have money on the mind, the type of photo that you post changes significantly, but that is okay as long as you keep the photos interesting enough to intrigue the reader to click. I posted lots of cool pics of my items for sale and sold most of them using this technique.  Plus, it was a lot of fun posting and describing the items and always fun when someone showed interest or commented about how well they liked the piece. How awesome is that?

Sell Courses

If you have a talent that other people want, why not share your skills with them and pocket some money at the same time? I decided to offer workshops for other photographers and have been successful in this endeavour thus far. It is fairly easy to advertise the workshops and courses on IG! I made a few workbooks to go along with my courses, which provided yet another means of income. When you think outside the box, making money is so much easier.

If you want to use Instagram to make money, it is possible to make a nice sum of money and I am living proof of that. Do follow in my footsteps and use the site to your advantage. There are some pretty simple and easy ways to make money if you are willing to put forth just a bit of effort to see the cash roll in. The ways that I’ve listed above are some that I used, but there are lots of other ways to make money. What are you waiting for? It is time to make money on Instagram!